Fun with Fan Veils (Fan Veils 101)
Learn the basics of this fun and fabulous prop!! Fan veils came on the bellydance scene around 2006 and have taken the world by storm. Fan veils add variety and a pop of color to any piece. Sera integrates her years of color guard experience and coaching into this workshop.

Isis Wings are for Everyone!! (Isis Wings 101)
Isis Wings as we would recognize them debuted in a little film by Thomas Edison at the turn of the century (the last one, not the most recent one). They have been used in bellydance, burlesque, aerial arts, and drag. They are the perfect prop to add some serious pizzazz to your piece or to turn you into a mythical creature. You will learn just enough to get you hooked on Isis Wings. This workshop is for dancers and performers from all walks of life!! No dance experience is needed, but a sense of humor is required.

Super Heroes v. Villains (How to Take Your Combos to the Next Level)
What is it that levels up your dance from “that’s nice” to “mind blowing” and “memorable”? It’s emotion through facial expressions!! We use a few core combinations in this class and focus on going from Average Jane or Joe, to Super Person, to Super Villain faster than a speeding bullet!! Which one you choose to master is up to you. 😉
Disclaimer: Sera is not to be held responsible for the rise of Super Villainy in bellydance…

Super Human Tricks for All Levels (Layering 101)
Want to add all those luscious layers into your dance, but don’t know how?? Sera breaks layering down to it’s most basic elements and builds from there. You’ll be shimmying and sliding in no time!

Three Props in Three Hours!!
Join Sera for a fast paced and fun Introduction to Sword, Fan Veils, and Isis Wings. We’ll learn just enough to get you excited about delving deeper into these three props.

Orion Slave Girl Vintage Veil
Orion Slave Girls were first introduced into the Sci-Fi universe in the Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” in 1965.
Their iconic green skin is a favorite of cos-players and can be seen at fan conventions across the world. Orion Slave Girls are said to sell themselves into slavery and enslave their masters, bringing home much wealth to their home planets. Learn a Vintage Veil choreography to the music used in “The Cage” that evokes the sensuality and power of the Orion Slave Girl.

Master Your Practice!!
Get 30 minutes worth of different drills for five days of the week and learn to develop your own routine to help you achieve your goals. Drills range in complexity and skill focus. All levels will benefit from this workshop.

Combos for Your Back Pocket
Have you ever been on stage and totally drawn a blank? It happens to every performer. Add these fun and flirty combos to your back pocket in case of an emergency. Their simplicity and attitude will buy you enough time to regroup and continue your awesome performance.

Why You Shouldn’t Blow Your Entire Paycheck on Costuming (Budgeting 101) (Lecture)
Having trouble managing your finances? Are you unsure of where your money is going? Are you trying to get ahead in life or save for a little something special?We’ll be going over the basics of budgeting to include building a framework, factoring in savings, planning for unplanned expenses, and tips and tricks for saving money.
This workshop is perfect for those who are trying to get ahold of their finances and for those who are focusing on moving forward once they have control of their money.

Personal Safety Considerations for Performers (Lecture)
We all love the stage, be it outdoors, in someone’s living room, at a restaurant, or full Vaudeville style, we want to be there giving part of ourselves. It’s great! Until, you have your first strange encounter…
Most performers decide that having unwanted attention is just part of the deal, but does it have to be? How much is too much and how far is too far?
Sera is a detective by day, dancer by night who has dealt with these situations both professionally and personally. After hearing dancers’ repeated horror stories all ending with, “What was I supposed to do?”, she decided to create a class that helps all performers answer this question.
Sera will be addressing considerations for internet usage, dealing with unwanted contacts, knowing when a fan or student crosses a line, and getting help when you need it. Please feel free to submit any questions or detailed situations in advance that you would like assistance with or feedback on. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the material presented at the end.

Vintage Bellydance Technique and Combinations
Learn moves from our earliest silver screen stars from the golden era of bellydance!
We’ve all spent time in front of YouTube for hours watching the Egyptian stars of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s like Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca, and others. We’re fascinated by the earthy movements, the dancer’s fluidity, and the exuberant joy on the dancers’ faces.
Learn how to motivate your muscles for these movements through fun combinations inspired by your favorite Golden Era dancers!

In*Sync (How to Get Your Troupe Dancing Together like a 90s Boy Band)
Ever watch a 90s boy band’s choreography and wonder how a bunch of singers with egos could be so together and your troupe… not so much? Sera is the Troupe Director of Browncoat Bellydance, a professional level geek bellydance troupe that is praised for their synchronicity. Learn how to get your turns tight, yours steps together, and your angles on point with Sera’s simple check point system.